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Morning Pages and Journal Prompts

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There’s something profoundly satisfying about putting pen to paper and writing down your inner thoughts. Journaling allows you to experience what’s going on inside your head, process it, and think about it in a different way.

Today’s episode is a deep dive into how and why you should make journaling a consistent part of your daily routine. Michael and Adee offer practical tips and strategies to make journaling a habit, provide some of their favorite journal prompts you can try, and share how journaling has changed their own lives.

What you’ll hear:

  • 2:15 The benefit of getting your thoughts out on paper
  • 3:30 The practice of morning pages
  • 4:30 Noticing patterns in your journaling
  • 5:45 Michael’s experience reading through old journal entries
  • 6:30 How journaling can be a form of self-therapy
  • 8:40 Using journal prompts for a more effective practice
  • 10:00 Adee and Michael’s favorite journal prompts you can try
  • 11:40 Creating a consistent journaling practice
  • 13:30 Turning your practice into an unbreakable habit

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