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Maintaining a Positive Attitude as New Parents

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In today’s episode, Adee and Michael are sharing one of the biggest parenting lessons they have learned so far: your attitude about an experience is more important than the experience itself.

While expecting, Adee and Michael heard many negative stories about parenting such as, “Say goodbye to your weekly date night” or, “You’ll never sleep again.” Recently Adee posted about her own positive experience as a new parent on Instagram and sparked a lot of conversation. This episode is a deep dive into how you can create your own story through the power of a positive attitude.

What you’ll hear:

  • 3:15 - The negative advice Adee and Michael received when expecting their first child
  • 6:05 - How to manage expectations of pregnancy, birth and parenthood
  • 9:00 - Why sharing a balance of positive and negative experiences on social media is helpful
  • 14:00 - Accepting reality and avoiding negativity
  • 16:05 - The biggest parenting lessons Adee and Michael have learned so far

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