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Intuitive Eating = Nutritional Freedom

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You asked, Michael and Adee answered! On today’s episode, they tackle a question from a listener about learning to eat intuitively and finding nutritional freedom. Michael and Adee break down the “nutrition freedom pyramid” and explain the steps it takes to arrive at a place of intuitive eating. No matter where you’re at in your nutritional journey, you won’t want to miss out on the helpful advice they offer. 


  • 03:24 – Developing sustainable skills
  • 04:41 – What is intuitive eating?
  • 08:23 – Building discipline
  • 12:34 – Understanding the composition of food
  • 13:39 – Measuring effects of food 
  • 17:18 – Tackling difficult scenarios
  • 24:08 – Incorporating freedom 

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