How to Resist Late Night Snacking


On today’s episode, Michael and Adee tackle a listener question about finding support from people around you developing a growth mindset, and developing healthier snacking habits. They explain how progress requires a mixture of asking for help and controlling what you can control on your own, and they share some practical strategies for managing each of those two areas. Whether you’re looking to improve your snacking habits or just want help from your spouse and friends in achieving your goals, this episode has something for you.


  • 01:52 – Answering your question
  • 05:04 – Believing change is possible
  • 06:47 – Starting the conversation
  • 13:09 – Controlling what you can control
  • 15:00 – Drawing a bright line in the sand 
  • 16:45 – Pre-planning your snacks
  • 18:33 – Changing your environment 
  • 19:57 – Taking a mindful approach

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