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How to Genuinely Love Yourself

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What is “self-love”? It’s a popular buzzword right now, but what does it really mean?

In this episode, Michael and Adee explain how the ways we show love to others can be flipped on to ourselves. They outline six action steps you can begin taking today to truly love yourself and find peace & acceptance for who you are right now.

If we want to be in loving relationships with others, we must first be in a loving relationship with ourselves. We know that these ideas will help you truly get to know – and love! – yourself.

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  • 03:17 – What does self-love actually mean?
  • 05:52 – How do you know you are enough for the people in your life? 
  • 06:55 – Self-love is a lot like loving someone else
  • 07:22 – Six principles for showing love to others 
  • 13:20 – 1. Listening to your body and mind for feedback
  • 13:57 – 2. Make agreements with yourself 
  • 16:30 – Self-love doesn’t have to feel good 
  • 18:20 – 3. Create boundaries with yourself 
  • 19:29 – 4. Uphold the agreements and boundaries
  • 19:57 – 5. Be present with yourself 
  • 21:58 – 6. Go above and beyond for yourself 
  • 23:50 – Write down the things you’re doing when at your best (and your worst)


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