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How to Create Your Coaching Value System

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If you are a coach of any kind, it’s important to think about and write down your values. (Even if you aren’t a coach, writing down your values can help you be the best version of yourself!).

Having a strong set of core values can help guide decision making in business and in the rest of your life.

So how exactly do you determine your core values? We are here to help answer that question!

In this episode of the podcast, Michael and Adee talk about the values of Working Against Gravity coaches. They outline each value, explaining where it came from and why it’s important.

If you are (or aspire to be) a coach who makes a positive impact on your clients’ lives, you’ll love this episode.  We hope it ignites a flame within you to create your own value system!

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  • 00:38 – Why it’s important to think about your value system
  • 03:36 – What do WAG coaches believe?
  • 05:56 – We put our client transformations first 
  • 07:04 – We create a safe, judgment-free zone
  • 09:37 – Aiming to have people fall in love with their bodies while working toward goals
  • 11:12 – What does it look like to love your body while striving to change it?
  • 13:52 – We aim to make our clients the heroes in their own journey
  • 16:06 – Having patience with clients (if something doesn’t work, try alternatives)
  • 17:34 – Being willing to be wrong
  • 19:01 – Learning and expanding knowledge
  • 20:33 – Important to love your life while also achieving goals
  • 21:37 – We were once clients ourselves & practice what we preach
  • 24:14 – How and why we recommend writing down your values 


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