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How Suffering Could Signal Future Success: Interviewing WAG's Head of Operations, Taylor Lumpp

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This episode is the first in a series where Michael Cazayoux interviews WAG staff members and coaches. 

In this episode, he interviews Taylor Lumpp, our Head of Operations and one of our original coaches. She’s a 64 kg Olympic weightlifter, a multi-time national medalist, and she even won the Arnold Classic this year.

Professionally, Taylor was an FBI agent for 4 years, starting at age 19 (you won’t want to miss hearing about this part of her story!).

In this episode, we learn about:

  • How Taylor found WAG and why she wanted to join
  • What WAG was like in those early days (and how things have changed)
  • What it was like being coached by (and developing a friendship with) Adee
  • How her relationship with food has evolved and improved
  • What she’s learned after working with hundreds (possibly thousands!) of clients

Taylor believes that a person’s success on a nutrition plan can be attributed, in large part, to the degree of suffering they’re experiencing. Check out the episode to hear her explain why!

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  • 02:18 – How Taylor originally found WAG and began working with Adee
  • 04:44 – What Taylor thought about the WAG program & how her body changed
  • 06:20 – Taylor’s initial nutrition struggles 
  • 09:23 – What she’s most proud of with her nutrition
  • 10:36 – Working for the FBI starting at age 19
  • 15:31 – Biggest things she learned from the FBI
  • 20:35 – What does WAG stand for (and not stand for)?
  • 24:35 – Changes in the views of WAG members over time
  • 27:30 – Success depends on how much pain you’re in


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