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How Stress Can Impact Weight Loss (Plus More Listener Questions!)

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In today’s episode of the podcast, Michael and Adee answer some great questions from our listeners!

Questions include:

  • How do you deal with injury after being a professional athlete, including any shifts needed with nutrition? 
  • If the only time you can work out is very early in the morning, is it better to get up and head to the gym — or should you prioritize getting enough sleep? 
  • Can high levels of stress impact weight loss?

After hearing Michael and Adee’s responses to these questions, we know you will walk away with actionable tips you can use immediately. Enjoy!

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  • 02:05 – How to deal with injury (or any other major life change) after being an athlete
  • 04:17 – Working around your injury
  • 05:54 – How to handle the shift in your identity after injury
  • 08:49 – Changes to make with nutrition after injury
  • 11:34 – Question about whether to wake up super early to exercise or sleep longer
  • 14:44 – How to stay active if you cannot wake up early to exercise 
  • 18:24 – Question about whether stress keeps you from losing weight
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