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Creating a Safe Space and Other Coaching Basics with Adee CazayouxCreating a Safe Space and Other Coaching Basics with Adee Cazayoux

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Adee has found huge success as a nutrition coach, working with athletes and building a team of more than 30 coaches at WAG. In this week’s episode, she breaks down some of her best strategies for effective coaching, along with a few key things to avoid. Whether you’re interested in nutrition, coaching, or leadership in general, this episode is full of helpful tips and tricks for motivating the people around you.


  • 01:49 – Creating a safe space
  • 06:47 – Triaging criticism 
  • 09:55 – Avoiding the Righting Reflex
  • 15:46 – Understanding nutrition
  • 16:49 – Focusing on behavior
  • 21:03 – Bad coaching

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