Coaching Brooke Wells: Takeaways on Mindset and Motivation



Brooke Wells stands out among elite CrossFit athletes for her ability to compete at the highest level while also attending college and maintaining an active social life. In today’s episode, Adee shares some of the top lessons she’s learned from Brooke about juggling it all and maintaining a positive mindset. She also gives insight into some of Brooke’s keys to success with getting leaner, traveling as an athlete and staying humble in the face of enormous success.


  • 03:40 – Working with Brooke
  • 06:51 – Balancing it all
  • 11:57 – Traveling as an athlete
  • 17:06 – Getting leaner
  • 19:44 – Maintaining the right mindset
  • 23:27 – Humility and coachability

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