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Challenging People as a Coach: How to Give Critical Feedback

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What do you do when your clients need more than a cheerleader? Do you feel confident giving them some tough love? Giving constructive feedback is an art, and can be critical for your clients to achieve real behavior change. Today’s episode is all about how to tactfully and effectively deliver honest feedback. Michael and Adee are sharing their own experiences as coaches so you can learn how to give the tough love your clients need in a way that maintains their dignity and strengthens your relationship.

What you’ll hear:

  • 5:40 Michael’s experience with aggressive feedback
  • 9:05 Adee’s background as a nutrition client receiving honest coaching and how thatimpacted her own coaching style
  • 13:00 Questions to ask before giving advice
  • 14:40 The Feedback Sandwich
  • 17:00 How giving incorrect feedback can still be constructive
  • 20:15 A template for giving feedback

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