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Can You Actually Make Money as a Nutrition Coach?

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We sent out a survey to over 3,000 aspiring nutrition coaches about what stopped them from taking the leap to begin coaching clients. One of the most frequent questions we heard was: can you actually make money as a nutrition coach?

In today’s episode, Adee and Michael will dispel myths about making money as an online nutrition coach. Adee launched Working Against Gravity six years ago, and now with 35 employees, she can assure you — it is absolutely possible to make this a sustainable career.

Not only do they break down the actual math of how much money a nutrition coach can make per client and per year, but they offer actionable steps you can take today to inch toward your dream career without taking huge risks. 

Remember, the WAG Coach Certification offers a low-stakes way to find out whether you can see yourself working with nutrition coaching clients – you’ll practice creating programs and working with clients, and you’ll get feedback from a coach mentor. 

We would love to hear from you! If you have a question you want us to answer on the podcast, let us know by leaving a voicemail at workingagainstgravity.com/podcast. And don’t forget to follow along @workingagainstgravity on Instagram and leave us a review wherever you listen to podcasts!


  • 03:54 – Online nutrition coaching is a newer, less clear career path
  • 05:00 – Doesn’t have to be a huge risk to launch nutrition business
  • 05:11 – Coaching taps into deep human desire to do meaningful work
  • 06:23 – Making money doesn’t make you a ‘bad person’ or change identity
  • 08:21 – Talking about the actual numbers – how WAG does it
  • 09:25 – How much a coach would make with a conservative coaching rate
  • 11:26 – How many clients? How much time does each client take? 
  • 13:48 – 3 ways to take ‘tip-toe’ toward launching your dream business
  • 15:00 – Tip 1: Start with low stakes (go slow, explore the field)
  • 17:58 – Coach a few people on the side to start (how Adee started before WAG) 
  • 19:04 – Michael’s experience leaving job for Brute Strength
  • 20:16 – WAG Coach Cert allows you to practice working with clients
  • 22:05 – Tip 2: Don’t focus on solving problems you don’t actually have
  • 24:33 – Tip 3: Deliver value (be a good coach) and the money follows
  • 26:42 – Build an iceburg by being ethical and providing a great service


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