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Bonus Episode: Survival of the Fittest: One WAG Member's Reality TV Experience

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This is the first episode in our special 3-episode podcast series where we’re sharing uplifting stories in an effort to spread positivity during a time in history where many people are experiencing negativity and uncertainty.

Imagine this: a helicopter has just dropped you off in the middle of a South American forest. You are alone and carrying just a few basic supplies like a sleeping bag and knife.

Your mission? Survive longer in the wilderness than 9 other contestants who have been dropped off several miles away from you (oh – and you’ll win half a million dollars if you do!).

This was the real-life experience for Jim Shields, our guest on today’s podcast.

In his “regular life”, Jim is a high school teacher living in Pennsylvania with his wife and 3 sons. He teaches leadership, mountaineering, and wilderness survival classes.

But a few years ago, Jim was invited to be on the American reality television series Alone. Making it on to the show involved a rigorous audition process where Jim had to demonstrate and prove his survival skills to TV producers (making fire, for example!).

In this episode, Jim also talks about how COVID-19 has impacted his high school students and how he’s tried to help them stay positive during such a stressful, uncertain time. You’ll love Jim’s story of courage, vulnerability, and positivity!

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