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Are you a Moderator or an Abstainer?

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Have you heard about the difference between moderators and abstainers? This is important information to know about yourself when it comes to following any nutrition program.

Put simply, moderators find that occasional indulgence strengthens their commitment to stay on track. Meanwhile, abstainers have trouble stopping eating something once they’ve started–so they do better staying away completely.

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way–it’s just a matter of knowing which strategy works better for you.

In this episode of the podcast, Adee and Michael explain exactly how to determine which category you fit into. They also offer practical tips for how to use this information to follow through with your nutrition goals. They also discuss what to do if you live with someone in the opposite category of yours.

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  • 2:00 – Adee explains what an “abstainer” is 
  • 4:20 – What a “moderator” is 
  • 6:24 – Moderators don’t do well abstaining and vice versa
  • 7:09 – How does someone decide which category they fit in? 
  • 8:47 – Is there value in trying out each one to determine which fits you?
  • 10:26 – Michael’s talks about his struggles with drugs and alcohol growing up 
  • 11:25 – Could there be problems with labeling yourself as an abstainer? 
  • 15:04 – How does Adee know she is a moderator? (And how pregnancy impacted this)
  • 17:02 – Michael is an abstainer with sugar 
  • 19:16 – How can listeners use this information practically? 
  • 20:41 – The value of having a ‘sounding board’ to reflect on habits
  • 21:14 – How can a moderator and abstainer in a relationship work together?
  • 24:40 – The power of asking your partner for help in abstaining/moderating
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