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Achieving Nutritional Freedom: Building a Lifestyle That Works for You

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On this week’s episode of the WAG podcast, Adee shares her personal journey out of an unhealthy lifestyle to find nutritional freedom. She also explains how her definition of success has changed throughout her lifetime. Michael and Adee offer actionable steps to help you discover your own version of wellness and nutritional freedom. Listen along to learn how you can improve your own relationship with food and fitness, whether it’s with a major change or starting with some small but meaningful steps.


  • 02:33 – Beginning a healthy lifestyle
  • 08:56 – The value of accountability
  • 09:55 – An evolving relationship with food
  • 13:28 – Transitioning out of competing
  • 16:20 – Redefining nutritional success
  • 19:58 – WAG’s role in nutritional success
  • 21:38 – Finding nutritional freedom  

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