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Accountability: The Missing Piece You Need to Achieve Your Goals

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Let’s talk about accountability.

We all know it’s a powerful tool. It can come in many forms: a coach, a group, a mentor, an accountabili-buddy.

At WAG, we have a “nutrition pyramid”, and the bottom of the pyramid (i.e. the most important part) is consistency. Accountability is critical in helping us remain consistent. If we know we have to check in with someone on a regular basis, our focus and performance will improve.

In our latest episode of the podcast, Adee and Michael explain why accountability is so critical for achieving your goals (including the psychology behind it). They also outline action steps you can take today to find sources of accountability.

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  • 02:09 – Michael’s dream of doing solo podcasts & how accountability helped him
  • 04:25 – Accountability ensures you’ll be consistent with nutrition 
  • 05:39 – Accountability gives you a space to reflect on your progress
  • 06:45 – When you’re having a tough time, your source of accountability can boost you up
  • 08:04 – Psychology behind why accountability is powerful (Hawthorne effect)
  • 10:19 – How this info can help coaches
  • 11:21 – Action steps to take 
  • 16:42 – Have a regular interval where you check in with your accountability source
  • 18:30 – Add a group component to your accountability


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