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Piper Romshek

Growing up, Piper wasn’t the one you’d find in the locker room or hitting the track. She spent most of her time focusing on theater and music. It wasn’t until after high school that she began to explore the world of nutrition and exercise. Once a runner, Piper met her firefighter husband, who introduced her to CrossFit.

She started as a skeptic of the sport, but after watching strong women compete in one local competition, she realized that being part of the sport was exactly where she belonged. She began training for and competing in CrossFit events, even branching out to compete in a few local Olympic weightlifting meets!

However, after giving birth to her two sons, Piper found herself in need of a performance upgrade in the gym and wanted to improve her body composition. After years of disordered eating patterns, she discovered Working Against Gravity, and it was like a lightbulb went on for the first time.

She started to feel free from the need to constantly obsess over food and the negative thoughts that convinced her she would never be capable of achieving her goals. Now a certified WAG coach, she hopes to help her clients find that same freedom. She feels it’s important for everyone to understand they are capable of greatness and achieving their goals.

She wants her clients to understand why they aren’t bound to being the same person for the rest of their lives and that the process isn’t only about achieving their goals—it’s about finding who they become in the process.

When Piper isn’t in the gym lifting or hitting a MetCon, you can find her hanging out with her two boys, or in the kitchen whipping up something delicious to share with friends and family. Feeding people makes her happy.


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