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Pascale Atallah

Pascale’s passion for sports started at an early age as she dabbled in tennis, swimming and ballet until she found her passion: basketball. She played competitively in Lebanon from elementary school to college.

Pascale loves to take on new challenges. She says yes to any adventure or outdoor event, which ultimately led to her involvement in obstacle races, GoRuck challenges, half and full marathons, and any other event that poses her with a challenge. While Pascale was writing her Ph.D. dissertation, she needed a workout that would challenge her without requiring too much time at the gym. That’s how she got into lifting. She fell in love with it and now focuses on powerlifting while sprinkling in some CrossFit for the social aspect.

Although Pascale has always been extremely active, she has struggled with her nutrition since she was a child, so her body wasn’t reflecting the training she put in. She came to WAG not expecting to lose much weight. Pascale had already tried a range of diets such as paleo, whole 30, keto and low carb without seeing the results she wanted. However, when she started counting macros with WAG, Pascale started seeing results within a few weeks, and the rest is now history. Counting macros has been so empowering and life-changing to Pascale that she wants to share it with anyone ready to build a healthy relationship with their body and food.

Pascale is a nerd by design. When she’s not working or working out, she’s most likely reading, researching and learning something new, volunteering, or traveling.      

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