Substitute Coach

Nick Love

Nick’s fitness and nutrition journey started at a young age. He was overweight as a child and didn’t have a male role model in the family, so he looked up to childhood heroes like Rocky Balboa, Arnold Schwarzenegger and elite athletes for the inspiration that eventually led to his start in football and sports.

During college, he got involved with CrossFit, collegiate strength and conditioning, powerlifting and weightlifting. After that, he and his twin brother James opened their own gym—CrossFit Miles City. Nick became addicted to the physical changes that happened as a result of training, and he developed a passion for learning everything he could to improve himself and put that knowledge to use.

Before WAG, Nick found himself restricting heavily throughout the week, which would lead to binge eating on the weekends, creating a vicious cycle that left him making little progress. Nick was ready to rid himself of the poor nutrition habits that had plagued him for years and to develop a better relationship with food, so he reached out to Working Against Gravity to learn more about using nutrition to improve body composition and performance.

Working with WAG, he took control of his eating habits and developed consistency, eating more to fuel his training. This internal change, combined with the impact of an influential football coach while growing up, gave Nick the idea to help others find the same success and become a WAG nutrition coach.

Nick currently lives in Miles City, Montana, and is a substitute coach for WAG. When he isn’t at the gym, you can find him spending time with family and friends, listening to podcasts, reading a book or enjoying a good movie. He’s passionate about building close relationships with his clients and creating a fun and hardworking environment where he can help clients accomplish their goals in a smart, sustainable way.


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