Melissa Bell

Melissa always knew she wanted to change the world, but it wasn’t until she started WAG that she decided how. Melissa experienced how much of an impact WAG made on people, an impact that went beyond diet and nutrition, and she knew she wanted to be part of the team.

When Coach Melissa found CrossFit several years ago, she didn’t expect to find her husband and meet her best friend, Laura Lee, who introduced her to WAG. Melissa was looking for a way to lose weight after having her daughter. She had tried many methods and services; that’s when Laura Lee suggested WAG.

After having her daughter, Melissa fell more in love with weightlifting because of the pace and mental aspect of training. Once she joined WAG and got the first few pounds out of the way, her WAG coach, Alexa, helped her cut to a 58 kg weight class to prepare for the Tennessee State Weightlifting competition, where she won the record title!

Now, weightlifting is Melissa’s full-time sport. When she isn’t working out, you can find her in her home garden in Nashville, mom-ing it up with her family, reading something from her endless list of books, or rewatching Friends for the ten-thousandth time.

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