Flexible Dieting Tips

Low Macro Flavor Savers

Eating the same meal day in and day out makes for simple meal prep but can leave you wanting more variety. There are easy, low macro ways to change the flavor profile of your food without needing to change your entire routine.


Perfect to season protein or dress up a salad or stir fry. These salty, spicy add-ons can change the whole mood of your food!

Sugar-Free Ketchup
Hot Sauces

Citrus Juice
Fresh Herbs

Light Salad Dressings
Parmesan Cheese
Low-Sugar BBQ Sauces

Seasoning Blends
Broths or Bouillon Cubes

Balsamic Vinegar
Pickled Banana Peppers


A perfect addition to oatmeals, yogurt, protein pancakes or for the finishing touches on your macro friendly dessert!

Reduced-Sugar Jam
Sugar-Free Caramel
Sugar-Free Syrup

Flavoring Extracts

What flavor savers are a game changer for your meal prep routine?

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