Kristen O'Maelmona

As a teenager in the late 80’s and early 90’s, K.O. began her love of all things fitness when she started VHS recording Denise Austin and Tamilee Webb. That’s right. She wanted to tone and tighten and get Buns and Abs of Steel. As time went on, and after switching majors a few times at Central Michigan University, K.O. decided on majoring in Health and Fitness Promotion in Rehabilitative and Corporate Settings, with a minor in Nutrition.

After working as a Fitness Specialist for Ford and Chrysler plants in Detroit, K.O. decided to switch gears and pursue a career in massage therapy.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, K.O. has been helping her clients recover and heal from injuries, aches, and pains for over 15 years. When she had finally discovered WAG, K.O. knew that the next chapter of her life had begun. Over the course of the last two years as a WAG client, K.O. has lost weight, while gaining both strength and muscle. More importantly, she has gained belief in herself and in her abilities as an athlete - with newfound confidence to compete in various crossfit competitions, as well as two half marathons this past spring, breaking personal records as she ran her fastest times yet. She has also gained a more intimate knowledge of nutrition and the various effects it has upon the human body, inside and out, than she ever thought possible.

K.O. lives in Lansing, MI with her husband - a Marine freshly home from Wounded Warrior - whom she is currently helping recover from CRPS; as well as her son and their dog, Sally. When she’s not lifting all the weights or assisting her husband in his recovery, your can find K.O. either reading or crocheting something amazing.

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