Katie Holmes

Katie has been a WAG coach since June 2017. She graduated from the University of Arizona law school in 2014, but couldn’t ignore the truth—her true passion was in health, fitness and helping people live happier lives.

So, she quit her legal career and became a personal trainer and Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach for a large gym.

Katie struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues for most of her teenage years and early 20s. It wasn’t until she discovered the power of strength training in 2010 that she realized it feels a lot better to be strong than skinny.

Katie went on to compete in 9 bodybuilding shows (in the Bikini and Figure divisions), eventually competing at the national level. She reached a point of burnout and discovered CrossFit (she specifically loves the Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting aspects of CrossFit).

Around the same time, Katie discovered WAG. She’d never seen a program like WAG where the nutrition aspect of coaching was combined with an emphasis on personal growth and a healthy mindset. She fell in love with WAG and knew she had to work for this company.

Fast-forward to now: Katie lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and her first baby on the way (due August 2020!).

She loves hiking, lifting weights, playing with her two dogs and helping her WAG clients become the best version of themselves.

She is also a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and combines this psychological training with her nutrition training to provide clients with the best possible experience.

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