Katie Holmes

Katie is competitive and puts her entire heart and soul in everything she does. As a teenager, she was a dancer and tennis player. She began learning about the power of strength training in 2010 upon beginning to compete in physique competitions. She competed in eight such events (in the Bikini and Figure divisions), earning national qualifications and aiming to become an IFBB pro. She continued this path throughout law school at the University of Arizona, expecting to eventually be forced to abandon athletic pursuits to work full-time in the world of intellectual property law.

In 2015, however, Katie realized, that her passion was in health and wellness. She quit her legal job to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

A few months later, Katie gathered up the courage to try something she’d been intimidated by for years: CrossFit. She fell in love with lifting heavy and hitting PRs. She reached out to WAG in an effort to learn how to eat for athletic performance while reaching body composition goals – and her life was forever changed. She lives in Michigan and is currently preparing for her first weightlifting meet in fall 2017.

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