Kate Hart

Kate was first introduced to weightlifting during a CrossFit boot camp in 2012. She quickly fell in love with lifting heavy, shifting her focus from CrossFit to Olympic lifting.

After cycling through different diets with mixed results, she became a client of Working Against Gravity. Although her initial goals were purely performance based, she saw that it was possible to gain strength and change body composition at the same time.

Intrigued by all of the changes the program yielded, she began her journey into prepping to compete in women's physique competitions. While making drastic changes to her body, she started researching the ins and outs of her body transformation through evidence-based nutrition.

This year, Kate competed in her first powerlifting meet, qualifying her to compete at RUM9 in 2016. Kate aims to use her ability of attaining a broad spectrum of goals to help clients meet theirs.

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