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Jesse Hill

Just like everyone else, Jesse had his own journey of growth and understanding with training and nutrition. During his sophomore year of college, Jesse and his roommates decided they wanted to be “healthier” for one month. Their approach was to run two miles daily, cut out sugar and eat less. They found that they were constantly hungry, but accepted that it was part of the process of being “healthy,” so they drank water and moved on. While looking back at the end of the month, Jesse realized that he may have looked “fit,” but he can honestly say he wasn’t in a great physical or mental place and his energy was low.

During college, Jesse pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biokinetics and decided to begin exploring various methods of training. He tried boxing, bodyweight exercises and eventually CrossFit. With CrossFit, Jesse gained a deeper understanding of all aspects of wellness, like strength, nutrition, mobility and recovery.

What Jesse loves about the health and wellness field is that no matter what your goal is, a well-balanced diet and exercise positively impact all aspects of life. With all that he’s learned, he decided to take it to the next level and get his nutrition certification to help steer others in the direction of their goals and away from the roadblocks and mistakes that he and so many others have encountered.

As a WAG nutrition coach, Jesse hopes to bring awareness to nutrition choices and help others create a sustainable lifestyle, with the understanding that this isn’t a quick-fix diet. He wants to help others feel empowered to incorporate the foods they enjoy while also making progress on the goals they’ve set for themselves.

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