Jayne Smith

Jayne has always been surrounded by the world of Fitness and Nutrition her whole life. She was a gymnast from the age of 6 and continued on through her 4 years at Rutgers University in New Jersey. While at college, she struggled with weight gain and could never find what she needed to get the weight off and keep it off. This created a series of yo-yo dieting and eventually more weight gain in the end. After finishing her gymnastics career, she found crossfit and lost most of the college weight with a lot of research and trial and error, then in 2015, she stumbled upon WAG. This is when she found the key to success that she was looking for her whole athletic career. It took the stress out of guessing what her body needed daily and changed her outlook on food in general.

She began this journey with WAG to learn how to fuel her performance for crossfit, but it was about the same time she made the switch from a Crossfit athlete to strictly Olympic Weightlifting. Jayne accomplished her goal of qualifying for USAW Nationals in 2017 and will continue on to the American Open in December of 2017. Her future goals in weightlifting are to continue qualifying for Nationals each year and work her way up the rankings in the 69kg weight class.

Jayne's passion is to introduce this world of macros to everyone struggling with weight loss, gain, or performance in and out of the gym and help guide them through this process. Helping them to understand that this is a lifestyle, and something you are able to maintain long term. She doesn't want anyone to feel as though they cannot live a normal life while "dieting".

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