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Introducing: The WAG Alumni Program

Exclusively for members who have been on the WAG Program for 6+ consecutive months

We know that our program works not only because people continue to join Team WAG daily, but also because our members never want to leave!

No complaints here — the program’s “end date” is completely up to the individual.

But, over and over, we’ve heard the same feedback from long-term members:

“I don’t want to leave WAG, but I also feel like I’m ready to be less accountable to my coach. Is there a WAG ‘lite’ option?”

And we always listen to feedback with ears wide open — so we created a solution.

The Alumni Membership allows you to check in with your current coach monthly, rather than weekly, at a reduced rate.

This membership helps you take on a more self-guided approach to tracking, while remaining part of our awesome WAG community. The best part, you can switch back to your previous membership at any time, no waitlist!

The Alumni Program is not just less check-ins and a lower fee.
We want to prepare you for the day when you ‘move on.’ It’s also important to us that you continue to get value from our program. So, included in your Alumni Membership, you’ll receive educational tools and resources specific to your needs as a long term client.

Alumni members will benefit from informative emails, additional knowledge base resources and other surprises that are tucked up our sleeves.

The Alumni Program is for you if you:

  • Have made substantial progress and are looking to maintain that progress.
  • Are ready to try a more independent approach to managing your nutrition.
  • Are in the off-season of your sport or taking a break from serious competition.
  • Are in a period of time where tracking your macros isn’t top priority.
  • Are confident in your tracking and nutrition and only need your macros programmed.

BUT! Don’t feel pressure to graduate to this membership yet. Just because you’ve been on the WAG program for 6 months doesn’t mean it’s for you.

When and How?
Beginning May 15th, 2017, members who have been on the program for 6+ consecutive months will see the option to opt-in on their dashboard upon logging in to Seismic!

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