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Introducing: Coach Hillary

Today we want to introduce you to another one of our amazing coaches. Meet Hillary!

Coach Name Hillary Rizor
Hometown Walden, Colorado
Fitness Fascination Weightlifting, Hiking, Mountain Biking
Previous Fitness Endeavors I played basketball competitively until my sophomore year of college. Volleyball, Track and Field.
Occupation CrossFit Coach and WAG Coach.
Current Certificates/Education Will be completing BA in International Relations with a minor in Public Health in Spring of 2016 Crossfit Level 1
Macro Must Haves Ice cream, Zucchini and Waffles are staples in my diet.
Tempting Treats Fro-yo with chocolate chip and Reeseā€™s toppings is my current favorite treat to fit in.
Carbs or Fats I tend to gravitate towards carbs, but it just depends on the day or my training.
Things You Love Outside of Team WAG I love to be outdoors and hike. There are a lot of really awesome natural springs in Florida that I have been exploring. I can't wait to get back into the mountains to camp and take my dog hiking with my family.
Favorite Place of Travel I haven't done a lot of traveling outside of the U.S. but the mountain states hold a special place in my heart and they will always be my favorite destination.
Future goals Help others develop healthy relationships with food so they can live freely without being consumed by food. Continue to learn and grow as a coach so I am able to help as many people as possible.
Most rewarding aspect of being a part of Team WAG Helping people to find that food is fuel and that it is not an enemy by showing them you really can eat what you want without feeling guilt!
Interesting Fact I grew up in a town of 700 people with no stop lights or fast food!
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