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Imposter Syndrome Live Training

Imposter Syndrome Webinar
Starts in:
Event Info:
  • 18th January 2022
  • 1 PM CST
  • Zoom Live Training

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How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome Live Training

Ditch imposter syndrome and start the nutrition coaching business you’ve been dreaming about. Become a confident Coach with this free LIVE training.

Hey there, do you feel like...

  • “This can’t be a real business me”
  • “I’m not going to be able to get my clients results”
  • “What if I don’t really know my stuff about nutrition?”
  • “What if I fail as a coach and business owner?”

Don’t worry, so did I. But here I am years later as founder of the biggest nutrition coaching companies there is.

I’m going to give you the shortcuts I wish that I had when I first started, to help you bypass the imposter syndrome stage and go straight to a calm, confident coach.

Register today and join me for this LIVE event.