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Introducing the WAG Alumni Program

For you to go beyond your goals


A reduced membership rate


Monthly check-ins with your coach (instead of weekly)


The Alumni Knowledge Base


Content and education specifically designed for the Alumni stage

Why did we create this program?

Working Against Gravity helps you build a foundation of knowledge, skills and discipline — so that you can live with confidence in yourself and your nutrition.

Between starting and finishing WAG, you learn an incredible amount about yourself, your nutrition and how to tackle your goals. As time passes, and the learning changes into understanding, we’ve noticed that #TeamWAG members tend to become increasingly independent, relying less and less on their coaches and more on their own newfound skills. But rather than looking to completely cut ties with their coach, many members at this point just want to spread their wings to see if they can fly (with their coach still near in case of a “crash”).

So, that’s why we’ve created WAG Alumni.

It’s the answer to the grey area where you feel unsure if you should stay on WAG or try going solo.

We want you to develop the habits and knowledge about your body and nutrition that create long lasting changes that are sustainable with a coach or without!

WAG Alumni is the perfect stepping stone to mastering your nutrition. Think of it like riding a bike — first the WAG Program is your training wheels, then WAG Alumni is the spotter, until finally you’re off to the races, saying “look ma no hands!”

Do you qualify?

The only requirement for becoming a Team WAG Alumni is that you’ve been an active client with us for 6 consecutive months.

I have been with WAG for 6 months - How do I become Alumni?

On your Seismic profile you will see an option on your dashboard to opt in as soon as you are eligible! Feel ready to move on to the Alumni program–or not 100% sure yet?

Take the quiz!

Still working on your goals and not ready to move on to this step? That’s fine, there is absolutely no pressure to change what you’re doing. Wait until you’re ready!

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