Getting Started with Journal Writing

Often associated with the traveling nomad or book worm type, journal writing has now become a popular outlet for many folk. At times it can feel as though it’s your own personal therapist. Journaling provides an opportunity to be 100% open and honest about how we are feeling on a subject or situation without any feelings of judgment or criticism. It allows for our unobstructed thoughts and feelings to flow from the inside of our hearts and minds to the outside world effortlessly. There is something very unique and therapeutic in putting pen to paper, and engaging in the exploration of language through writing. Often we are unable to understand our thoughts, feelings, emotions or energy blocks until we allow time to sit quietly, be present and allow clarity to present itself. Journaling not only provides a perfect avenue for us to express our emotions, but it also helps to relieve feelings of anxiety and overwhelm as we gain greater awareness of not only ourselves, but also of the significant others in our life.

There are no specifics in getting started with journal writing. It literally is as simple as picking up a pen and paper, and allowing your thoughts to flow to the blank page which acts as your canvas for creation. Common topics you might feel useful to journal about are:

  • Present or past situations you feel challenged by
  • Habits and patterns that you are finding to be repeating themselves
  • Relationships
  • Goals
  • Motivation
  • Dreams
  • Passions
  • Change
  • Growth
  • Love
  • Your life purpose

Journals are also excellent avenues to explore and build our self esteem. We can use our journals to write our daily intention, give gratitude for the special people in our life, and as reminder of the things we admire most about ourselves.

At Working Against Gravity we encourage and promote mindfulness techniques such as journal writing, meditation and variety of other relaxation techniques in addition to providing our clients with optional weekly exercises to help bring greater awareness to all areas and aspects of their lives, and enable them to not only develop in a physical sense, but an emotional sense also.

You will be amazed at how incredibly valuable and powerful, putting pen to paper can be. So, start now… pick up a pen and paper, and get creating!

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