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Working Against Gravity Coach Certification


Become an expert in nutrition science and coaching psychology. Help your clients get lasting results for their physical and mental health while building the business of your dreams.

  • WAG Coach CertificationAccess to the course that has helped over 2,000 students coach with confidence.
  • Private Mighty Networks GroupConnect with course members and experienced nutrition coaches in our exclusive Coach Certification Students & Grads Group.
  • SeismicUse our software, Seismic, to coach your clients.
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    Dig Into the Course Content

    The WAG Coach Certification is broken into multiple phases—build on your nutrition and coaching psychology knowledge as you work through them at your own pace. 

    Phase 1: Flexible Dieting and Nutrition Science

    Get access to world-renowned research and take full advantage of our library of reference material to use as you work with your own clients. Topics in this section include:

    • What is flexible dieting? How does the interaction between flexibility, consistency, and accuracy help your clients reach their goals?
    • The WAG approach to flexible dieting and how to assess research with a scientific eye (without a scientific background).
    • Energy systems, metabolism, and their impact on client progress.
    • A deep dive into the role proteins, carbohydrates, and fats play in the body.
    • The importance of hydration and how alcohol intake may impact fat loss.
    • How to help your clients set realistic expectations for fat loss or muscle gain.

    Phase 2: The WAG Level 1 Coaching Manual

    Learn the importance of a new client questionnaire and pick from an extensive list of questions as you build your own. Work through thoughts and considerations to keep in mind as you read answers to each question so you can meet each client where they’re at and provide an initial plan that builds coach/client trust and helps them build confidence.

    We’ll also teach you the ins and outs of setting an initial macro prescription, share example case studies, and provide guidance on how to accurately assess client progress, make adjustments, add refeed days, and more.

    Phase 3: Creating Macro Profiles

    Now that you’ve learned how to accurately assess a new client questionnaire, it’s time to set some macros. Work through five example macro profiles, determine the best set of starting macros for each client and test your knowledge.

    Phase 4: WAG Level 2 Coaching Manual

    With (most of) the nutrition science behind you, it’s time to dig into the psychology of coaching. Topics in this section include:

    • The importance of setting a positive first impression and how this is a vital step in setting up a successful coach/client relationship.
    • How to help clients set goals they’ll actually reach.
    • Motivation Interviewing—what is it, and how can you use it to direct your clients in making the decisions they want and need to make?
    • When to give advice and when to listen.
    • Helping clients recognize imposter syndrome (use these strategies for yourself as well!).
    • The importance of nurturing a growth mindset in your clients and how to do so.
    • Time and energy maintenance—including tips from experienced WAG coaches.

    Phase 5: Sample Client Check-Ins

    Practice putting your words to work using what you learned in Phase 4 and respond to the example client check-ins. In this section, we encourage you to spend time crafting your ideal answer and then compare it to two WAG Coach responses.

    Phase 6, Part 1: The Ketogenic Diet Coaching Manual

    Part 1 of the final Coach Certification phase will go into depth about supporting clients who follow a keto diet. Topics in this section include:

    • What is the ketogenic diet? Dig into the science behind this diet style and how it works.
    • Is the ketogenic diet right for your client? What are the pros and cons and will it help them reach their unique goals?
    • Guiding your clients through keto-friendly food choices.
    • Setting and making adjustments to keto-specific macros.
    • How to get a client back into ketosis if they fall out and how to transition out of a ketogenic diet if they choose to try something new.
    • Tracking alcohol and special considerations for a ketogenic diet.
    • Ketogenic FAQs.

    Phase 6, Part 2: Pregnancy Coaching Manual

    If you choose to work with pregnant clients, we’ll teach you how to do so with confidence (while staying in your nutrition coaching lane). Topics in this section include:

    • The state of maternity care—where are we as a country when it comes to maternity leave, postpartum mood disorder frequency, postpartum exercise, and pelvic floor dysfunction?
    • Setting pregnancy goals and how to accurately assess “progress” during this time.
    • Understanding pregnancy weight gain.
    • Managing macros through pregnancy with specific needs for each trimester.
    • How to support clients who do want to track through pregnancy and who don’t want to track through pregnancy.
    • The fourth trimester—what is it, and why is it so important?
    • Supporting clients through pregnancy loss and miscarriage.

    The WAG Coach Certification is hosted on Mighty Networks—our online community platform.

    Upon purchase, you’ll get access to your course, your private course Students & Graduates group, and the WAG public group, where you can connect with everyone in our community—from other course students to WAG members and coaches.

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