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Carly Fuhrer

Carly Fuhrer grew up in a small town in the country next door to her grandparents. That atmosphere set her up to love sports and horses and has stuck with her to this day. Throughout high school, if you couldn’t find her traveling or learning to bake with her grandparents, you’d most likely find her on the court or riding her horse.

After high school, she found herself a bit lost without the sport of basketball. A year later, she was introduced to CrossFit and found her groove again. CrossFit fueled her passion for sport and eventually a love for coaching and before she knew it she was shoulder-deep in knowledge about the sport and how to be a better teacher.

That hard work and dedication to the sport would pay off in 2016 as the first of two times she would qualify for the CrossFit Games (again in 2017). After the 2017 Games, she took a step back from competing and was later introduced to WAG through a friend. That experience changed her outlook on nutrition and she began to see how nutrition could become a tool for finding balance in life and training. 

With health and nutrition as her passion, Carly is excited to use her position as a WAG Nutrition Coach to help others become the best version of themselves.

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