Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson loves working with women from preconception through postpartum. Her background is in nursing and she has always had a passion for holistic health, which led her to pursue further training in health coaching, fitness, and functional medicine.

She’s currently the BIRTHFIT Nashville Regional Director and when she was presented with the opportunity to work with WAG to support pregnant women, she was thrilled!

Brittany’s relationship with fitness and nutrition has been complicated. She was overweight for much of her life and even struggled with an eating disorder in college. Walking through that experience has given her a great deal of empathy for others, and shaped how she supports her clients. Learning to love and care for her body with nourishing food and movement is one of her greatest accomplishments!

She’s a mama to two little boys and being able to keep up with them is what helps her stay motivated to be the best possible version of herself. Being a mom has deepened her awareness of the importance of nutrition throughout the motherhood transition and she says, “I am honored to join this amazing community."

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