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Coaching Resources

Part Two: How to Handle Challenging Client Scenarios

Just because a situation is challenging doesn’t mean it’s unwanted. Challenging client scenarios offer huge opportunities for growth...

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Published on 01/20/2021

Lifestyle and Mindset

Habit Gravity and Escape Velocity: How to Create a Habit That Sticks

In this article, I’ll tell you how I went from extremely undisciplined in some areas of my life and how I systematically transformed...

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Published on 12/07/2020

frequent exerciser

Workout Motivation 101: How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Workout motivation makes you put on your exercise shoes rather than your slippers. Learn how to create and keep this motivation to...

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Published on 11/06/2020

Weight Loss

How to Lower Body Fat Percentage: Tips to Get You Started

How to lower body fat percentage is a common question that often brings a sense of worry. We offer some answers related to your diet...

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Published on 11/03/2020

Lifestyle and Mindset

Positive Body Image: Questions to Ask Before Starting a Diet

A positive body image is essential for accomplishing your nutrition goals. We've got six questions to ask yourself before you start...

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Published on 08/26/2020

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