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WAG Q&A With Adee Cazayoux: Episode 13, Macros + Keto and the Glycemic Index

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Want to learn more about popular diet plans, ways to balance different types of carbohydrates and the glycemic index? Adee answers your questions about these topics in this episode!

Q: Would you recommend going the keto route?

A: At Working Against Gravity, we don’t believe that there is one nutrition plan that fits everyone. Whether you’re following Atkins diet, keto diet, Zone diet, the WAG diet or another plan, the success of the plan depends on the person following it. If ketosis fits your lifestyle and it’s a plan you can follow: do it. If you feel great, you’re performing well at the gym and you’re impressed with your progress: go for it! However, at the same time I’d recommend doing your research. You should be aware of what you have to monitor in your body to stay safe and healthy.

Q: Can getting all of your carbohydrates from vegetables give you the same energy as starches?

A: There is definitely a difference between getting all your carbohydrates from vegetables instead of from starchier sources like potatoes, pasta, oatmeal and rice. Here’s something to consider: foods from the vegetable category also provide important vitamins, minerals and fiber, which not only benefit your digestive health, but also satisfy any deficiencies your body may have. At the same time, the starch carbs provide some benefits too. Because starch sources are higher in calories, and because your body absorbs them faster, these foods provide energy to ensure you’re performing at your highest level. So ultimately, a diet with a mix of the two is likely your best option. If you plan to eat most of your carbs from vegetable and high micronutrient sources, but then around training sessions incorporate a starch source, you should see increased energy and performance.

Q: How much should I worry about the glycemic index?

A: When thinking about the glycemic index of your carbohydrates, first consider your workout plan. High glycemic carbs absorb and enter your bloodstream quickly and provide a quick boost of power. Low glycemic carbs absorb more slowly, but provide longer-lasting energy. So around workout times focus more on those high glycemic carbs to help improve your performance during your workout. Outside workout times, focus on low glycemic carbs, which are higher in micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Strike that balance that’s right for you and your body.

I hope I helped answer some of your important questions! If you have a question and you’d like to hear what I think about it, post it in the comments. We’ll have another fan question/answer blog coming shortly!

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Posted by Adee Cazayoux
Adee is the founder and CEO of WAG. She has her bachelor’s degree in Honors Psychology, a Master’s in Teaching, and a Master’s in Nutrition & Human Performance. She’s also an athlete, having competed in the National Pro Grid League and winning the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships.

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