WAG Q&A With Michael, Episode 24: Upgrade Your Mindset

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Michael Cazayoux is always looking for things he can change in his life that will have the most positive impact on his days. So this week Michael is giving you his tips on how to make small tweaks to your mindset to improve your life.

There are two things Michael says you can do in your everyday life to better your mindset. First, he says it’s essential to bring more intention and purpose into everything you do. One of the ways he does this is by writing down three things he hopes to accomplish that day, in order of importance.

Michael’s second most powerful ritual for maintaining a healthy mindset is his nightly journaling. He uses this time to look back and reflect on the interactions and intentions he set for the day to determine if there is anything he wants to change for tomorrow.

Watch this week’s episode to get even more insight as Michael addresses humans' reactive nature, willpower and how you can adjust your environment to achieve your healthiest mindset.

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