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WAG Q&A With Adee, Episode 28: Understanding Calories

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Have you ever found yourself questioning if you can eat an extra 100 calories because you burned more than you anticipated at the gym? Or maybe you’ve wondered if breaking a sweat while doing chores means you should snack a little extra that day?

When you’re monitoring how your body transforms over an extended period, it may not be beneficial to approach calories on a day-by-day basis. Burning 100 calories at the gym one day and consuming an extra 100 calories the next may not have the equilibrium that you think it should.

When you start compensating calories for exercise, you leave yourself vulnerable to creating a relationship with food that makes it seem like you have to earn when and how much you eat.

It’s important to remember that not all calories are created equal, so they shouldn’t be counted as such. Watch the full episode to learn more about how you should approach calories for long-term progress.

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Posted by Adee Cazayoux
Adee is the founder and CEO of WAG. She has her bachelor’s degree in Honors Psychology, a Master’s in Teaching, and a Master’s in Nutrition & Human Performance. She’s also an athlete, having competed in the National Pro Grid League and winning the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Canadian National Weightlifting Championships.

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