The Truth About Net Carbs (Q&A 39)

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Have you looked at a nutrition label recently and noticed a variation to the line that once simply read carbohydrates? With the appeal of low-carb diets, companies began to break down the carbohydrates section of the nutrition label to “total carbohydrates,” with the purpose of including a subsection of fiber or sugar to give the appearance the products are lower in carbs than they truly are.

This creates a modification to the label: net carbs. Net carbs apply to the components that make up the “total carbohydrates” portion of the nutrition label, including sugar alcohol and fiber.

“In the realm of carbohydrates, there are certain types that are digested differently by the body and that includes fiber.” - Adee Cazayoux

Certain types of fiber aren’t digested by the body, but this still contributes to the total calories your body is consuming. So, when you’re tracking for carbs, Adee suggests using the number beside “total carbohydrates,” rather than subtract for fiber or sugar alcohol.

Watch the full video above for Adee’s full breakdown of net carbs and how to stay macro-friendly at the movie theater and buffet.

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