Stop Being a “Yes Man” (Q&A 42)

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It’s exciting having the opportunity to say yes to projects that interest you, but it also shows strength if you can recognize when saying yes to everything is actually going to set you back in your goals. If you consider yourself a “yes man” it may be time to reevaluate how you approach opportunities in life before it becomes too overwhelming to handle.

Start by saying no to things first.

That’s right. Say no to everything first. Then, argue with yourself why your answer should be yes. If you can’t change your mind easily to yes, then you’re one step closer to realizing you may not be able to juggle that task amidst your already busy schedule and that’s okay!

Are you too emotionally invested?

Getting asked to be a part of something within your passions and interests can be hard to turn down. If you’re emotionally invested in an opportunity, but know you may already have too much on your plate, run them by people that you trust to be objective and think about what’s in your best interest.

“But saying no to people is uncomfortable.”

There’s nothing fun about disappointing someone or letting them down. Sometimes, the fear of saying no is just something we’ve created in our own heads. You may realize it’s not that big of a deal once you’ve done it and you’ll find it more comfortable once you get through the initial fear of it.

You make more than 30,000 decisions a day, so it can be hard to decide which ones are the right ones. Try to give your brain a break with these tips for avoiding decision fatigue. It might make it easier in the future to determine what tasks warrant and yes, and which deserve a no.

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