Q&A With Michael, Episode 22: Macro-Tracking for Beginners

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This week, Michael Cazayoux begins his Q&A Monday takeover by telling us what it was like beginning to track macros when he met Adee.

Everyone starts somewhere and that’s even true for Adee’s husband, Michael. When he first met Adee, he didn’t start tracking macros immediately and he even laughed at some of her meal choices like egg whites and vegetables for breakfast. However, he soon saw the success she had with tracking macros and wanted to dive in. Now he finds himself eating an egg white and veggie omelet every morning as the best way to start his day.

Michael also found that he gained more from tracking his macros than he initially expected. Like most people who start WAG, he wanted to see physical changes. And while he did experience physical changes, he also learned a lot about how nutrition fuels performance and became more aware of what he put in his body.

Watch this week’s episode to find out more about Michael’s macro tracking journey, his favorite thing about WAG and some exciting things WAG is up to!

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Posted by Michael Cazayoux
In 2018 Michael sold Brute Strength to his business partner and joined Team WAG full time as president. He currently focuses on marketing, general leadership and nutrition coaching.

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