Nutrition While Pregnant (Q&A 43)

During your pregnancy, your body is going through a multitude of changes. It’s now serving the purpose of creating life for another human! So, what does that mean for your nutrition and tracking macros?

Deciding to continue to track macros when you’re pregnant depends a lot on who you are and what you’re doing. In general, your hormones and emotions are shifting.

If you think that the focus on tracking macros is going to create a high-stress environment, avoid it. The most important thing is focusing on the foods you can eat to fuel your body.

If you’re ready to start tracking your macros right after birth, that’s great, but if you’re not, that’s fine too! The most important thing is to tap into what’s right for your body and move forward with that.

While breastfeeding, your priorities may shift to ensure you’re getting enough food to produce the proper milk supply. Talking with a coach or tracking might be the step you need to get the suggested 300-600 extra calories while breastfeeding or simply act as a way to consistently track your data until you’re ready to go back full-force.

For more tips on how dieting may affect your hormones, or how to track your body’s measurements while pregnant, watch the full video above!

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