Nutrition Planning for Work Lunches (Q&A 37)

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Let’s face it, pulling out your scale at a work lunch with a new client can be awkward and could halt your current conversation about the budget for your new project. It may be time to implement some new tricks to stay on top of your nutrition, starting with these fresh ideas from Adee and Michael.

Choose where you eat.

When the conversation of where to eat begins, take control of the situation and suggest a restaurant with macro-friendly options that cater to your goals. Odds are most people will appreciate your decision-making and you’ll have an easier time hitting your daily targets.

Stalking the menu.

Whether you’re going to meet a client for lunch or getting ready for a catered conference room meeting, the best way to avoid any surprises is to know about the menu ahead of time. Choose a restaurant that uploads their menu online or find out who’s catering in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

Practice the 50/50 rule.

If you’re really worried about your estimating skills, Michael has the perfect tip for accuracy. Only eat half of your meal at the restaurant, take your leftovers to go and measure them as soon as you get home. This gives you a better idea of the volume you consumed and makes it easier to track in MyFitnessPal.

If you need more help making your work lunches macro-friendly, check out our free guides to mastering eating out at an Italian, Sushi, American or Mexican restaurant.

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