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Nutrition as a New Mom: Building a Mountain One Layer of Paint at a Time

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Day 49/60 complete.

I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast this week and he mentioned a quote that really struck me. He was talking with Dr. Rhonda Patrick about health and fitness and how most people have a really hard time with discipline and compliance over time.

He then said:

“It’s like building a mountain one layer of paint at a time.”

I took a moment and thought about that.

Imagine you really did try to build a mountain one layer of paint at a time. You paint a layer, then you wait for it to dry. Add another layer, and continue repeating that process. At first, you don’t see much of a difference in the height or thickness because it is not significant and then all of a sudden there it is - the beginning of your mountain. But even then, as the mountain starts to take shape it will be thousands and thousands if not millions of layers before you have a true mountain in front of you.

I have been thinking about this a lot as I reflect each week on my own process. Every week that I continue to show up and work towards a healthier lifestyle I am adding on a layer of paint. In the moments where I don’t feel like any progress is being made or worse, I feel like I have regressed - it may just be that the most recent layer is waiting to dry.

It kind of sucks that this is how it works, but it really is true.

I started building my mountain 15 years ago when a switch went off in my head and I decided I no longer wanted to live dissatisfied with my body and my lifestyle. Even though a decade and a half have passed I know I am still building my mountain - the skills, the habits, the flexibility, and the discipline through different periods of my life - one layer of paint at a time.

You can take this one of two ways.

This helps you adjust your expectations on the speed of results and the commitment required so that you can minimize resistance and frustration in the process.


You give up and remain in denial, continuing to search for the big red easy button.

Generally, if you choose option 2 the journey looks like switching from program to program or remaining unhappy with your situation until the pain is high enough that you grab a paintbrush and start building your mountain.

No matter what, you cannot avoid the fact that achieving fitness goals takes time and so the sooner you start, the taller your mountain will be.


After an epic last week this one was not as great in terms of compliance. Michael was still gone on one of his Soul Searching Adventures and that meant I had a lot of our community showing up to support me. That looked like cooking me a lot of food which didn’t necessarily align 100% with my goals. That on top of the lower energy from caring for the baby solo meant I prioritized sleep when I could and activities with Shai.

Even though I didn’t nail it in terms of my food choices - I maintained 149lbs or less 5/7 days! I am going to chalk that up to a win. :) 

Next week I have Michael’s sister's bachelorette party where there will be drinking, pizza, and burgers. I will check back in and let you know how I managed. I am going in with a plan that I am excited to share with you!

2 more weeks of this challenge!


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Posted by Adee Cazayoux
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