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WAG Alumni Program

Maintain the progress you’ve made and stay in touch with your coach through monthly check-ins. Our Alumni Program is the perfect stepping stone toward mastering your nutrition.

Why Our Members Made the Switch to Alumni Status

  • Taking Off Training Wheels

    I had pretty much mastered hitting the macros set by my coach regardless of what I had going on in my life, so I didn't need my handheld as much, but still wanted the accountability, support and knowledge that my coach provided.

    Jillian W. WAG Client
  • Planned Tracking Breaks

    [I] needed a break from doing weekly check-ins (not from tracking, just from taking pictures, measurements, updates).

    Jeff N. WAG Client
  • Intuitive Experimentation

    I wanted to start the next step in my journey with tracking a little more intuitively, not being as connected to MFP and the Seismic documentation. I felt like I didn't need my coach as much (still some) as I did initially, and that I would benefit from the month-to-month check ins.

    Sarah S. WAG Client

Is the Alumni Program Right For Me?

Between starting and finishing WAG, you learn an incredible amount about yourself, your nutrition and how to tackle your goals. We want you to develop the habits and knowledge about your body and nutrition that create long lasting changes that are sustainable with a coach or without! WAG Alum gives you the opportunity to spread your wings and fly on your own, with your coach right behind you.

The only requirement for becoming a Team WAG Alumni is that you’ve been an active client with us for 6 consecutive months. If you are considering whether transitioning to the alumni program is best for you, take our quiz or read through our flowchart below to help clarify your decision.

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I Just Switched to Alumni. Now What?

We've made a chart to help with your transition. Check it out!

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Ready to Join the Alumni Program?

Only for 6+ month program members. You can opt into the Alumni program by visitng the Billing section of your Seismic account profile once you are eligible.


Per Month
Must be a member for 6+ months to qualify
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • Continued Coaching & Support
  • Multiple Nutrition Styles
  • Online Nutrition Portal
  • Knowledge base
  • Nutrition independence