Substitute Coach

Alicia Commet

Alicia’s passion for competition and fitness began at an early age. Although she participated in a variety of sports, her love for softball surpassed the rest. For several years, she traveled across the Midwest playing in numerous softball tournaments. As her softball career came to an end, her desire to remain competitive led her to running road races and trying different fitness competitions.

Despite a healthy diet and active lifestyle, Alicia had always struggled with her weight and training energy. To overcome these obstacles, she tried several diets without success. Even with strict meal planning in preparation for a figure show, she lacked energy and struggled with body composition. The more Alicia exercised, the harder it was to make any progress.

Her low energy levels made it difficult to achieve the life she desired, so finally she turned to WAG. Shortly after counting macros, Alicia noticed an immediate difference. It had taken years of searching, but flexible dieting changed her life. Her involvement with WAG instilled a desire to share her experience with others and to help others in their quest to live a happy and healthy life.

Alicia is always looking for a new adventure. When she is not working or working out, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, reading, traveling, volunteering and learning something new.

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