Ali Carey

If you had told “high school Ali” that she would be where she is today she never would have believed you. Her passion for fitness and nutrition didn’t come until halfway through her college career at University of Vermont when she was (literally) dragged into a CrossFit box. Here, coaches transformed the way she thought about body image and strength. She no longer worked out on a machine, she was the machine.

Ali joined Working Against Gravity as a client because of her interest in nutrition and learning more about what her body needed to thrive. This interest quickly turned into a passion, which brought her to where she is today! She is thankful for the opportunity to challenge herself and push her limits everyday and wants to use her role as a coach to give that gift to others.

Outside of the gym you can find her hiking with her pups, paddle boarding, writing, eating and spending LOTS of time with friends and family!

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