Alexa Mina

Alexa’s athletic drive can be seen in everything she does. Her fitness journey began at a young age through 8 years of competitive cheerleading. After tearing her ACL, she was introduced to CrossFit through rehabilitation for her knee injury, which also assisted in improving her endurance for cheerleading. She quickly found a passion for Olympic weightlifting through competing in CrossFit competitions, and is now a nationally competitive weightlifter in the 58kgs class lifting for Team Western New York Weightlifting.

Alexa previously had contacted Working Against Gravity to cut weight to qualify for nationals. Through her journey with WAG, she was able to see first hand the benefits of counting macronutrients. Her goals became less about just wanting to see changes in body composition, and more about fueling her body properly for training and strength purposes. She realized that appropriate macronutrients in her diet were an integral part of being an athlete and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She then made it her goal in life to educate people on this “flexible dieting” approach to nutrition and to help them find as much success in it as she did!

Alexa currently lives in Rochester, NY and coaches full time for WAG. On the side, she also coaches weightlifting and CrossFit at her affiliate, CrossFit Park Ave! When she isn't in the gym, you can find her jamming out to country music, reading/listening to a book, getting outside with her three pups, and spending time with her husband/family. Alexa has always had a strong desire to help people reach their goals, change their lives, and to apply healthy habits to their lifestyle. She is constantly looking for ways to be a better version of herself and loves sharing her personal experiences and successes through coaching others!

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