21 Day Challenge – Day 9 – Eat With Your Brain

According to Brian Wansick’s book Mindless Eating our memory is imperfect and without tracking we are unable to remember everything we eat. When asked to estimate how much food they consumed, people of normal weight tend to think they ate 20% less than they did while those who are obese tend to underestimate by 30-40%.

Mindless snacking tends to be the culprit here, and environmental factors play a huge role. Every one of us is guilty of aimlessly walking into the fridge or cupboard after just eating a meal, opening it up and searching for something else to eat.

Are you hungry, or are you bored?

In Day Nine of the 21 Day Challenge we address this question and navigate ways to nip this habit in the bud:


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There is still time to get on board, join us!

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