21 Day Challenge – Day 11 – Meeting Your Macro Goals

Q: "If I'm full, do I really have to keep eating all of my macros?"
A: "YES!"

It is important to meet all the macro goals by the end of each day, even if you are full. The ideal scenario is to be within 5g +/- of carbs and protein and within 2g +/- of fats.

If you’re finding you’re left with more of one particular macro at the end of the day than others, we’ve got a list of food options that are primarily only one of the three macros today in the challenge. We’re even going to tap into your inner chef today and get creative!

Let’s get cooking!


Did you come up with a great recipe? Share it with others on the #TeamWAG Facebook Page.

We’re over half way there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start now! – join the 21 Day Challenge today!

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